domingo, 3 de outubro de 2010

DIF MAGAZINE #76: Urban Girls

Yoh everybody! So... Autumn is here to stay, eh? (well, for some of us... humpf)! It's raining non stop outside the window. Argh, I really don't want to go to work tomorrow :P

This is an illustration that i did for DIF magazine (a very cool Portuguese mag). The theme was Urban Girls and the article is about how woman in modern cities had to struggle to succeed in these competitive environments that were once ruled by men. My favorite phrase from the article is: "MOST OFFICIAL BITCHES RULE SUPREME".
This issue of DIF magazine was redesigned by a great Portuguese graphic designer called Ricardo Mealha. I think that he did an amazing job :)
The editorial team was awesome and published my self-portrait and biography.
Hope you are all well ;)

PS: Many thanks to Sophia Pan, for being my model in so many projects.

Olá companheiros blogueiros! Parece que o Outono veio para ficar. Não para de chover lá fora... Argh! não me está nadaaaa a apetecer ir trabalhar amanhã :P

Fiz esta ilustração para a revista DIF. O tema é Urban Girls, e o artigo debruça-se sobre a forma como as mulheres nos grandes centros urbanos tiveram de labutar para conseguirem ser bem sucedidas num meio que era governado por homens. A minha frase favorita do artigo é: "MOST OFFICIAL BITCHES RULE SUPREME".
Este número da DIF foi redesenhado pelo grande Ricardo Mealha, que por sinal fez uma belíssimo trabalho.
Espero que estejam todos bem ;)

PS: Mais uma vez, um muito obrigado à Sophia Pan, por ser a minha modelo em tantos projectos.

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Jason Crawford. disse...

Hey there Franciso...awesome to see your stuff in print.
You must be stoked.
I love the way you've constructed all the images together...very energetic.


Francisco Martins disse...

Hey Jason,
Thanks a lot buddy!
Cheers! ;)

senhorita valdez disse...

Francisco E Miss Van no mesmo editorial? How cool is that? Para além de adorar a temática explorada, acho que o trabalho está muito bem conseguido: é vivo e agressivo, e ao mesmo tempo sexy :)

Francisco Martins disse...

ha ha ha! cool alright! :D
Só há uma coisa offf no teu comment: para ti sou TXIKY!

Vanessa Brantley Newton disse...

Hello my very handsome friend! How are you darling???? It was so good to see that you came to visit me on my b'day! Thanks so much for your very kind words. They have warmed my heart in all this cold New Jersey cold and wet weather! Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart. You are so sweet to even come by cause I know you are up to your eyes balls in work too. I love the work you did for DIF magazine! You are amazing and you are amazing!! Brilliant work dude. Fantastic work. You are so out of the box! Great job. Thanks again
Hugs and best wishes to you.

Francisco Martins disse...

Hey V.!
I'm cool, thanks for asking... lots of work.
You are most welcome and you deserve every single word, and more :)

I'm glad you liked this work i did for DIF.

Big hug.


Abz disse...

Congratulations! Great to see you doing what you do best- and getting credited for it!

Keep it up!

Francisco Martins disse...

Hey dude, thanks a lot :)
hope everything is good ;)

Emily disse...

Fierce work! It really works in this medium.
hope you are well,

Francisco Martins disse...

Hey Emily, how have you been doing?
Thanks for visiting and for the comment ;)

Johanna Urban disse...

beautiful, I get so inspired by your art! Thank you :)

johanna, sweden

Francisco Martins disse...

Hi Johanna,
Thanks a lot for visiting and for those nice word ;)
Greetings from Lisbon

Peter Breese disse...

Magnificent work my friend - both here and below! I can always count on you to serve as an inspiration. Cheers.

Francisco Martins disse...

Hey Peter, how are you my friend? Thanks a lot for your visit and words of encouragement :)
Talk soon!


Pito disse...


Gran trabajo!!

Abrazo amigo.

Francisco Martins disse...

Hola Pito, quanto tiempo...
Gracias amigo,

Un abrazo

Vanilla disse...

Oh just wonderful! How great to see your work in print, you deserve it, you have a fantastic style.

love is colder than death disse...

Francisco Martins!!!!!!!!

love is colder than death disse...

oh im a terrible reader.
didnt mean to yell at you xD

sorry ive missed your posts, been away too long.

this is cool, you must be very proud!!! cos i am of you :D

love is colder than death disse...

well, congrats okay!
yes it is raining here much much much much much much, i hate it.

wait a min.

love is colder than death disse...

yea okay im back.

i just wrote something on your previous post, now im not that terrible reader...heheh

hope you are well!!!!!


Francisco Martins disse...

Vanilla: Thanks a lot for your visit and nice words :)

Indira: Heyyy!! Yeah, I missed your comments too ::D
I'm great thanks for asking. ha ha, Yeah, we artists always get kinda proud when we se our work published in a fancy magazine. No matter ho many times it has been published before... it's always a trill :)

Hope all is well with you. Big hug!

donny* disse...

Francisco, my friend, you never cease to wow me. And when I say wow, I mean WOW. The magazine work is amazing! And, of course, still completely digging the greek myth project. Have a fantastically creative weekend!

Francisco Martins disse...

Hey Donny, thanks my friend! :)