quarta-feira, 1 de setembro de 2010


Aloha blogger friends and loyal followers! yeah, yeah... I'm alive :P
My life's been kinda crazy lately and I haven't found the time to blog. Lotsss of work - I'm in way over my head here... besides, my beautiful PC has seen better days and has been acting a little weird, causing my nerves to collapse cause it's impossible to work like that. Sooo I snapped at it and went to by myself a brand new Imac :D
I have a few new illustrations to post, but for editorial reasons, I'm gonna have to wait 'till they get published before I can post them here. Meanwhile, I leave you this collage that I did for a local graphic design studio (Creative Family). I hope all is well with y'all!

Olá amigos e seguidores leais! Perdoem a minha ausência da blogosfera, mas a minha vida tem estado de pernas para o ar com imenso trabalho - mais do que aquele que consigo dar conta - juntando a isso o facto de que o meu amigo PC resolveu dar o berro, atrasando ainda mais a minha vida e obrigando-me a comprar um Imac novinho em folha :D
Tenho trabalhos novos para postar, mas por razões editoriais, terei de esperar que sejam publicados primeiro. Nos entretantos, deixo-vos esta ilustração que desenvolvi para uma agência de design gráfico local (Creative Family). Espero que estejam todos bem! ;)

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sonoio disse...

tu ausencia es perdonada porque esta chica es muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuy linda

saludos francisco!

Francisco Martins disse...

Muchas Gracias Ariel! Como estás?

Saludos irmano!

Soraia Ernesto disse...

ah.. cabecinhas luminosas ;) adoro o candeeiro art nouveau!

Francisco Martins disse...

Soraaaa!!! Saudades pah! gracias babe! :D
muah miauah muah! tou oficialmente de FÉRIAS! se kizeres combinar kk coisa no fim de semana diz ;)


bee disse...

Nice to see you are still alive and kicking my friend!! This collage absolutely rocks - I love that scribbly ink and watercolour look over the top of the photographic images... so cool :) Take it easy, don't work too hard - playtime is just as important as work time! xox

Francisco Martins disse...

Hey Bee, how are you?
Yeah you're absolutely right... I'm officially on vacations right now, so lot's of beach and sun and gym, and museums and ice creams for me :D

Gracia disse...

Halaaa!! que buenas estas ilustraciones!! me gusta el trazo y los colores un monton !! muy surrealistas ademas!!
Me alegro de que tengas nuevo Mac, yo también cambié de PC a Mac y va muy bien!
Bss :D

Poetic GIRL disse...

Olha que excelente escolha! Espero que tenhas comprado os novos processadores I3 ou I5 e com monitor de 27". São fabulosos! Pois eu confesso que sou uma mac lover desde há dezasseis anos, não quero outra coisa! Que tal a adaptação? bjs

Francisco Martins disse...

Gracia: Thanksss! Yeah, my new Imac is just FREAKING GORGEOUS! :D

Poetic Girl: Sim, comprei o que tem processador I3, com monitor de 27. LINDOOO! (e caro comó diabo também)
Eu já trabalho com macs há 3 anos no meu emprego, mas em casa sempre tive pc. Por consequência não tive muita dificuldade em me adaptar. No entanto confesso que há coisas que gostaria de mesclar. Há coisas que os macs deviam ter igual aos pcs e vice versa. Isso sim seria perfeito ;)

senhorita valdez disse...

gosto imenso de colagens e esta está the bomb! adoro a interpretação da "ideia luminosa", resultou mesmo bem :) (L)

Francisco Martins disse...

Thanks Danikas, inspirei me em ti!! Ideias luminosas és tu e aquele ar quinky tb! :P

RuAn disse...

Acho que isso é bom, não sim? eu pelo minha banda estou a passar um Verão muito mau em todos os sentidos. Apertas, grande trabalho o que nos mostras

Francisco Martins disse...

Gracias RuAn! Espero que o teu Verão melhore depressa... muita sorte!

Peter Breese disse...

Magnificent concept! Nice!! Bravo. Good to have you back and look forward to seeing the other pieces.

Francisco Martins disse...

Heyyyy Peter, how are you buddy? I miss y'all! I'm officially on vacations so I hope to have more time to blog in the next week :)
Thanks buddy, I'm glad you liked it!
I'll post the other pieces soon... keep tuned! :)


Anónimo disse...

muito bom! :)

Francisco Martins disse...

Gracias Miss PAn, como estás? :)

Jason Crawford. disse...

Awesome image. Really love the composition.
Imac is very cool. I swear by them.
If there is one I would say is......RELIABLE.


Sympathy for the Devil disse...

wow wow, easy...

firstly, im glad you're still alive :D

secondly, what am i? i think i am the first image (GORGEOUS!!!!!), i kinda need such lamp, ive been hiding from something lately xD

ps: sorry to hear about the PC. About 2 months ago my PC crashed and was totally broken when there was a powersurge from the thunderstorm x(

Francisco Martins disse...

Jason: Yoh J. Whassup man? Thanksss!
Yeah, about the Imacs... I sure hope you're right about them! :D For that price, they're better be as reliable as it gets hahaha! Cheers!

Indira: Hey girl! Hum... stop hiding... hiding is not good for your health :P
I'm sorry to hear about your pc. Something similar happened to me a few years ago. There was an explosion in a power cable somewhere near where I live and my pc died for good... no resurrection for him :P

Brian Lue Sang disse...

iMac POWERRRRR!!!!!!!! :D

Great work collage, my friend! Was there a specific theme in mind here?

Francisco Martins disse...

Heyy Brian, whassup buddy?
Yeah... Imac for president LOL

About the theme... since this was for a graphic design studio, i explored the concept of bright ideas, because design is all about great ideas and solving problems. That's why the characters have bulbs and lampshades in their heads :)

Brian Lue Sang disse...

What an incredible concept! You're the man, Francisco!



Tomás Serrano disse...

Sobreviviendo al jet lag... Gran ilustración otra vez, Francisco.

Francisco Martins disse...

Gracias Tomás! ;)

Vanessa Brantley Newton disse...

OOOOOOOOH how I am missed you HONEY BUNNY!!!! How are you??? What are you doing with yourself? Still handsome as all get out I bit!!! And every bit as talented too he he he he! Hope that you are well. I love these fabulous ladies. They are the bomb for real!! I love them. You are such a freakin' genius!! You really are! How awesome!! Zoe had a great week. She was only in school for two days and then had two days off that extended into the holiday he he he he he! She is doing fine and will have to put on a uniform at some point this year. Wish she and I luck he he he he! Hugs to you talented handsome man.

justdoodleit disse...

Ooh! Lampshade ladies ...how wonderfully weird!

Francisco Martins disse...

VVVVVVV.!!!! I really missed you too girl! I'm fine thanks for asking. I've been on vacations for the last 2 weeks - enjoying the sun, eating ice cream, watching art ad music shows, going to the beach a lot and stuff :D
Well, i wish you and Zoe great luck with that uniform thing! :)
Hugsssssssss right back at ya!

Justdoodleit: haha... pretty weird eh? if you could go for a walk inside my head... I would show you weird! :D
Thanks for visiting!

nella gatica disse...

hOLAAAAAAAAA!! ando muy bien!! siendo mamá a full!! y trabajando lo que puedo en diseño e ilustraciones!!!

Armando una expo en una Feria del libro, etc, etc!!!

Un abrazooo! :)

Francisco Martins disse...

Nellita, mucha suerte en tu expo!!!
Abrazo :)

Panurgo disse...

Muito bem.

(Por curiosidade: que revista é essa?)

Panurgo disse...

Revista ou jornal.

Francisco Martins disse...

Olá Panurgo,
Revista? não, esta ilustração foi feita para integrar o catálogo de uma agência de design. Se te referes aos recortes de jornal que fazem parte da colagem, nos sitios onde se vêm excertos de texto e pedaços de títulos... já não me lembro de onde tirei :S


Panurgo disse...

Surpreendeu-me o termo grego. Foi por isso =)

Um abraço.

Francisco Martins disse...

:) já imaginava que fosse por isso ;)

Pia N disse...

fantastic, just found your blog, and you make some very interesting and beautiful pictures. i love that the womens heads are lamps, so cool. I'm gonna keep follow your blog.

Francisco Martins disse...

Hi Pia,
thanks a lot for visiting my blog and for the nice comment.

Cheers from Portugal

vjarumugam disse...

you are brilliant my friend... :) great to see that piece after a long time. I havn't been producing much from my side. but will soon put up something on my blog. hope all is great with you...and congratulations on your new imac... i am thinking of buying one for myself... :)

Francisco Martins disse...

Hey V.J.!
Thanks buddy, nice to hear from you. Look forward to see what are you gonna come up with in your next piece.
Yeah, the Imac is awesome :D
Cheers bro

Andrew Finnie disse...

Heya Francisco, great blog, you have a good head, love what you are doin and it gives me inspiration

so post more please


Francisco Martins disse...

Andrew, thank you for visiting me and for the nice comment. Your work is awesome as well :)
haha, I'll try to most more often... it's been kidnda crazy around here :P
Cheers from Lisbon

Johanna Urban disse...

Wow :) Love it!!! You are very talented!!!!


johanna, sweden

Francisco Martins disse...

Hey Johanna, whassup?
Thanks! :)

Johanna Urban disse...

Thank you, I'm great :) How are you? Yes, London is amazing!! It's a very intresting and lovley city.

Have a great day!
see you soon

Francisco Martins disse...

Hey, I'm cool also!
Yeah, I'm planing to go there soon :)

See ya next post

Amy C disse...

these are so cool and fun, looks like a wonderful project.
Hope you are loving your new computer!

Francisco Martins disse...

Hey Amy, thankss!!
Yeah I'm loving my Imac :D

donny* disse...

It's been an insanely busy couple of months, but now I can get back to seeing your wonderful creations. This is absolutely fantastic!

Francisco Martins disse...

Yeah man, it's been crazy for me either... I can't even catch my breath he he. My kingdom for a hot bubble bath and a BED (with some time to sleep on it).

Thanks bro! :)

Ces disse...

Oh congratulations. New pc, new toy!

Francisco Martins disse...

Hehe, you bet!! I love my Imac! :D

Bella Sinclair disse...

HEYYYYYYYYYY, Francisco!!!!! I've missed so much awesomeness here! Wow, beautiful photographs of your friend. Absolutely beautiful. And I LOVE the lamps on these girls' heads! Fantastic illustration! You always have such cool concepts. You are like a rock star. :D

The magazine collage is incredible, too. Always top notch works from you, my friend. Great images in there, particularly that attention-grabbing eye. And love the great little lucha-libra-like girl in the corner. That is a gem!

Nice to see you've been having a very productive summer!

Francisco Martins disse...

Heyy Bella, how are you? I missed your visits :)

Hope all is well with you, and thanks a lot for passing by. Hugssss

Nicky Linzey disse...

Wow your work is amazing. Love this style of illustration you're doing - so imaginative. I think you're going to be even busier!

Francisco Martins disse...

Thanks Nicky! I hope you are right! busy is always a good sign :)
Thanks for visiting