segunda-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2012


Hello everybody! how are you all doing? hope you have started 2012 with your right foot :)
Just thought I'd share these digital paintings that I did. They are inspired by some of my fav. cartoons when I was a kid: Thundercats, and He-man and the Masters of the Universe. Hope you like them!
PS: for some reason my blog has this bug that won't allow some images to enlarge, so in case you want to see all of thhese images in a larger size, please visit this link:
Olá pessoal! Espero que tenham começado o ano em grande :)
Deixo aqui estas duas pinturas digitais que fiz nas ultimas duas semanas, inspiradas nos meus desenhos animados preferidos quando era miúdo: Thundercats e He-man and the Masters of the Universe. Espero que gostem... abraços!
PS. O meu blog tem um bug qualquer que não permite algumas imegens abrirem num tamanho maior. Assim, se quiserem ver estas imagens um pouco maiores, por favor visitem o meu behance:

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shamil disse...

i love it ....

Francisco Martins disse...

Thanks Shamil, hope that all is well with you!

Ces disse...

Okay, I know I am way older than you, in fact a lot older but I am worried that I know these shows and actually remember watching some of them....

Hahaha! Oh gosh, Francisco! I have been dreaming about the dolls. In fact I had a dream that you sent me a doll but it was only the top part. Not fair! Heheheh. Congratulations!!!

Ces disse...

Oh man, I wanted to say that these illustrations are oozing with artistic testosteron!!! Very nice!

Ces disse...

Oh and one more thing, this evening my daughter and I were reciting the Dragonball Z's Kameha-meha call. You see she was studying world history and read a passage on King Kamehameha. She said, that's Dragon Ball Z firethrow! So we recited


Our dogs heard us and did not know what to do!


donny* disse...

Love this post! He-Man and Battle Cat, wonderful! And the illustrations are fantastic. Hope you're doing well.

Francisco Martins disse...



Muahahahahaah :D
You crack me up!!!

Thanks a lot, I'l glad you liked these paintings :)

Hey Buddy, how are you??
Thanks man, I'm glad you liked them :D
Hope all is well with you too Donny!

Bella Sinclair disse...

Francisco! Oh Wow, hello, Francisco! I've missed so much of your fabulosity. Oooh, you always make my head spin. Aaaah, digital paintings! I have not seen this side of you much, and I am awed. You are so talented. And what's this? Surgery????? Aw, man. I'm glad you are healing and doing well. I hope they built you up better than ever, like the Six Million Dollar Man.

So great to step into your fantasy world again!

Gargantuan hugs to you, my friend!

Francisco Martins disse...

Hey Bella! How are you my friend! Thank you so much for stopping by, I really missed your visits and kind comments :)

Yes, I'm going much better now. I'm still at home recovering, but it's definitely going well :)


RuAn disse...

fantastic and great art. Regards

illustration poetry disse...


dont worry i havent been blogging much lately...oh i have missed some great posts here! sorry about that =(

heyyy i remember he-man!
i used to watch it with my big brother (he's a huge fan!) and to hum the opening theme and the quote: I HAVE THE POWER!!!!!


very nice ode!!!!!

illustration poetry disse...

glad to hear you're feeling better.

take care of yourself, until then!


Francisco Martins disse...

Ruan: Thanks a lot :) hugs!

Mita: Hi!!!! how are you??
Thanks for visiting :) Yes, He-man was my favorite cartoon series when I was a kid: "For the Honor of Greyskull... I have the powerrrrrrr" :D


ArtSnark disse...

what fun! Some classic cartoons to

michael robertson disse...

Hey Francisco! Hope all is well and that you are fully recovered from your surgery. I've missed so much these past few months!

Stunning work, as always. You are such a versatile artist, and yet it always has that Francisco touch!...amazing, my friend!

Francisco Martins disse...

Art Snark, Michael: Thank you so much for visiting and for those kind words! hope all is well with you guys :)

Hugss :)

jazzlamb disse...

Ooh, that's really rad! Loving the details, crazy as always! All the very best for future! :)

Francisco Martins disse...

Thanks bro!