sábado, 15 de dezembro de 2012

Hi everyone! I'm so sorry for my long absence from the blogging world, it's just that life is running so fast these days that I can't seem to find the time to post here anymore. I will still post here occasionally, however it's more likely to catch up with me and see my new work on the following networks:

Please follow me there, add me as a contact and feel free to leave me a message :)

I leave you a few samples of a recent work - an editorial fashion photography project that was printed in 3 different magazines. I hope you enjoy it! Cheers :)

Photography/post-production/make-up: Francisco Martins
Model: Emanuel Ramos (L'Agence Lisbon)
Styling: photos 5+6 - me • Rest of the photos: Juliany Jorge
Clothes: Excepting photos 6 and 6, clothes by Dino Alves

4 comentários:

bog_art disse...

I have the same problem my friend! there are not more time to update the blog now we are into the social network life. Anyway, it is always refreshing passing by. A big hug from here and Happy Holidays! :D

Francisco Martins disse...

Hey Bog, Thanks for the comment man! hope to see you in other networks as well :) have a great time during the holidays!

All the best!


Laura Braga disse...

Happy New Year my friend!! :)
(but we will see on social network!)


jazzlamb disse...

IT is so nice to see you do what you do because it looks like you enjoy it so so much :) Keep it up, Francisco :D Woohoo!