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EGOÍSTA MAGAZINE #47 (Legends on the Wall)

Hello blogger buddies! Hope you are all doing great. I miss commenting your blogs and reading your lovely comments in mine, but by life has been more of a mess that the usual, so... I'm just trying to catch my breath :P

For the first time, something that I wrote was published - and in one of the few top quality Portuguese magazines on art and culture. Egoísta magazine published a full 8 page aticle completely written and illustrated by me. I have to thank Patrícia Reis - Egoísta's Editor in Chief for believing in my work enough to publish it.

LEGENDS ON THE WALL: This project consists in a series of artistic panels inspired by the mural paintings of the Renaissance, Baroque and Pre-Raphaelite periods.

work process: I photographed the models myself, then worked on the photos in Adobe Photoshop, doing both post-production work and digital painting + photo-illustration.

This project was published in EGOÍSTA MAGAZINE issue #47
EGOÍSTA is one of the best Portuguese print magazines on art and culture and it is owned by Estoril Sol Group.

Egoísta magazine's Editor in Chief: Patrícia Reis • Egoísta magazine's Art Director: Henrique Cayatte

Models: Joris Lechêne, Sophia Pan, Ryan Smyth and Marck Davies. Big thanks to my model friends for helping me to create the images that I see in my head, and turn them into something real.
You can see more images of this project here:

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Olá amigos blogueiros! Espero que estejam todos bem...
Pela primeira vez, alguns textos escritos por mim foram publicados - e anda por cima numa das revistas de melhor qualidade no âmbito das artes e cultura. A revista Egoísta, propriedade do grupo Estoril Sol, publicou um artigo de 8 páginas totalmente escrito e ilustrado por mim. Um muito obrigado à Editora da Egoísta, Patrícia Reis, por ter acreditado suficientemente no meu trabalho a ponto de o publicar.

LEGENDS ON THE WALL: este projecto consiste numa série de painéis inspirados nos frescos renascentistas e nas pinturas de mural dos períodos Pré-Rafaelita e Barroco.

Modelos: Joris Lechêne, Sophia Pan, Ryan Smyth and Marck Davies. Obrigado aos meus modelos, com alguns dos quais mantenho uma relação de amizade, por me ajudarem a tornar reais as imagens que vivem na minha imaginação.

Editora da Egoísta: Patrícia Reis • Director de Arte da Egoísta: Henrique Cayatte

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Abz disse...

Hard work pays off-- I'm proud of you man! :) Hopefully this opens many many doors for you.

Francisco Martins disse...

Thanks Abouz! I hope you're right :)

senhorita valdez disse...

great work display. Egoista is a very exclusive magazine, only the best can showcase on it.good for u, my friend.luv*

Francisco Martins disse...

Thanks Valdez, my one and only! muahhh

jazzlamb disse...

WAAAAOW! Congratulations! :D Hope it gets better and better for you :) Lovely stuff, as always :)

Francisco Martins disse...

Hey buddy! thanks a lot for dropping by and for your lovely comment! :)

Big hug!


Shirley disse...

Congratulations Francisco, this is so well deserved. Your images are amazing and you just take good care ok?! Always so fabulous to see your amazing creations!!

Johanna Urban disse...

Hello Francisco!

I hopes you doing well,

love your work!

Johanna, Sweden

Drika Makeup Moda disse...

Legal gostei :)
ja estou seguindo seu blog :)

qualquer coisa contacte abaixo

Meu blog



Francisco Martins disse...

Shirley, Thank you so much for your lovely words! they mean a lot coming from such an amazing artist such as your self

Johanna: Thank you for your visit! :) kiss from Lisbon

Drika: obrigada pela visita! um bjinho

Johanna Urban disse...

Thanks, glad you like it! Yes! I mean it's fun to go out and meat friends (I really do), but when I have had a hard week of work it's really nice to stay home and just as you said "do my own stuff". xx

douce disse...

I have been off the blog for so long but now I find I have missed so many wonderful pieces by you I am glad I came out to look around! I just love all your new work and I do love the dolls too! Miss you too my friend!

Sherry Nash disse...

I really loved your blog, but it appears that you have put a lot more work into it. I will keep your blog in my twitter so I can come back and see it again when it has some new information. Good subject!

Francisco Martins disse...

Hi Sherry,

Thanks for you lovely comment. However in case you would like to keep following my work, at this time I'm posting much more frequently in the following networks, so it's more likely to see my most recent work there:


FLICKR: http://www.flickr.com/photos/63744461@N05

FACEBOOK ILLUSTRATION PAGE: www.facebook.com/franciscomartinsillustration



Thanks once again and all the best!

Happy holidays by the way!