quinta-feira, 24 de março de 2011

COMPUTER ARTS #5 (Portuguese Edition)

Hey Everybody! Whassup? Hope y'all are doing great :)
Sooooo... I've been working on a new illustration and I'm dying to have it finnished so I can share it you you guys and have your opinions and critiques, BUT it's not ready to see the light of day just yet, so it will probably take a while before I post some fresh stuff.
In the meantime, here's a small article about my work in Computer Arts magazine (Portuguese edition) issue #5. I made some of these pieces long long ago... I hope you like them. Big Cheers from Lisbon
Olá pessoal! espero que estejam todos bem :)
Tenho estado a trabalhar numa ilustração nova que espero poder postar brevemente.
Entretanto, deixo-vos com estas páginas dedicadas ao meu trabalho no número deste mês da revista Computer Arts (edição Portuguesa). Alguns de vocês talvez não se lembrem ou nem sequer tenham visto nenhuma destas ilustrações que já são um pouco antigas... Espero que gostem. Abraços!

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Sympathy for The Devil disse...

yeeyyy im the first!! :D

very nice to see you in blogland (and in that magazine, of course!)

looking forward to see this "fresh stuff"!

i know you're busy, hope you've been well :)

-old friend

Sympathy for The Devil disse...

(like really old).

Mónica disse...

Parabéns Francisco!!!
um abraço

Francisco Martins disse...

Mita: Hey old friend :D
Whassup girl??? hope that you have been well and that you're having a lot of fun! Thanksss a lot for stopping by and for remembering that I exist lol
Huge hug

Mónica: Muito obrigado!!! como estás Mónica? espero que tudo esteja bem :) Um grande beijinho!

senhorita valdez disse...

estou ansiosa por comprar essa edição da computer artssss :)
bora fazer a nossa sessao pin-up!


Francisco Martins disse...

Yoh Valdez! :D
Babecasss boraaa fazer a sessão pinup antes k essa tinta vermelha desapareça de vez :P
Vais ficar uma ganda lasca :D

Vanessa Brantley Newton disse...

Boy friend you are just doing your thing and it looks fabulous!!!! I love it. Francisco, you have talent eeking out of every pore in your body. How fabulous is all of this. Now I have to run to Barnes and Nobles or Amazon and pick it up. YOU ROCK! All is well here in NJ, Cold has heck, but good. I am doing well. Hope that you are too darling. Hugs to you babyboy,

Francisco Martins disse...

Awwww! Thanks V.! :D
I'm doing good as well... I wish it would stop raining cause I miss my best friend - the sun! :D
Other than that everything is just peachy :P
Thanks for stopping by and for your amazing comments that always make my day ;)
big kiss

Vanessa Brantley Newton disse...

The photographs you sent where amazing! Oh my goodness I just need to come and visit. How fabulous was that! Thanks so much for sharing.

Francisco Martins disse...

Yeah Sintra is amazing, you should definitely come and visit, I'm sure you would love it - it's an ancient village built on the top of a mountain, you can notice middle eastern influences in the architecture all over Sintra, and there's luxuriant plant live everywhere you turn, lakes, castle ruins, royal palaces and stuff like that... the perfect place for a fairytale... you can even go for a ride in a chariot with real horses down town :d







donny* disse...

May you know how to use color and design like I've never seen. You make me jealous. Truly, truly wonderful work! I just wish I could get over here more often to see it! Have a fantastic week, my friend

Francisco Martins disse...

Thanks Donny! have a great week too buddy :)

Ces disse...

Ooooh! You are just everywhere and you are beautiful! Tsup!!!

Francisco Martins disse...

Ces!! Hi! how are you? :D
Thank you so much for your kind comment :)
Tsup right back at you!

Bella Sinclair disse...

Francisco! Hello, hello, hello! You made these long ago? They still smell fresh to me. I especially love the girl with the parasol. Gorgeous! So nice to see you peeking your head out. Can't wait to see what you're working on!

Francisco Martins disse...

Hey Bella!!! Thank you thank you thank you :) Yes, I made these a long time ago. I made the Tree Man in 2002 as part of a 4 illustration series about the 4 seasons. The robotic Anubis - the big dude with the jackal head was made in 2006, the Girl with the parasol is a detail in my Wonderland piece - I made it in 2009 and the dude with the lion head was made in early 2010 :)

(I love your name, did I ever tell you that my sister's name is Bella too? Ok, her name is Anabela, but we call her Bela). Thanks a for four your lovely comment !!! Hugsss

Johanna Urban disse...

Hello! How are you?

I love it, the girl that jumping (she looks amazing)!! Great post!


TrüSka disse...

Olá Francisco!
Tenho um concurso a decorrer no Facebook! Participa : D
Beijinhos : *

PS - Sempre em grande não é? ; )

Francisco Martins disse...

Hey Johanna, whassup? hope your trip to LA is going as great as it possibly can :)
Thanks for the comment! kiss

TrüSka: Olá! obrigado pela visita e pelo comentário :)

Johanna Urban disse...

Hello Francisco!

Oh yes, LA was amazing! I never thought I would visit LA, but I could not pass when I had my best friend over there!

I have a new post, feel free to check it out!

Have a great day!

Francisco Martins disse...

I'm sure you loved the trip. I'll check your new post to see the photos ;)


Peter Breese disse...

Brilliant buddy, congrats! Looking forward to seeing the fresh new art!

Don Pedro

Francisco Martins disse...

Peter, how are you doing buddy? long time no talk :)
Thanks for visiting me my friend ;)



APO (Bem-Trapilho) disse...

Francisco! Saudades!!!
adoro o teu trabalho que continua um espanto. Parabéns, amigo!

Francisco Martins disse...

OLlá Apo, obrigado pela visita e pelo comentário simpático :)

Emily disse...

Hi Francisco,
Hope you are enjoying making new pieces of cool magic! Don't judge me too harshly for being eager for you to share them! :)

Francisco Martins disse...

Hi Emily, how have you been? long time no talk!

Yeah, I'm trying to create new pieces, but my lack of time to do so is killing me!! :s I'm working on a new illustration, and I'm loving the way that it's resulting - BUT, despite the fact that I'm totally eager to finnish it, and that I run home after work and Gym to work on it a little bit, something ALWAYSSSSS comes up and I end up not being able to do so. It's driving me crazy!!! arghh I really want to finnish it :P hehee

Big hug to you and wish me luck!

APO (Bem-Trapilho) disse...

ehehe eu tb não acreditava muito que os feijõezinhos nao apodrecessem, mas lá estão eles a crescer! :)

Francisco Martins disse...

lol! pois de facto uma pessoa vive e aprende. lol quem diaria...

RuAn disse...

felicidades pela tua participação nessa revista. Como sempre um grande trabalho. Apertas e muito feliz semana santa. Apertas

Francisco Martins disse...

Muito obrigado RuAn! uma boa Páscoa para vocês ;)

Florencia Bini disse...

Hi Francisco!!!
Congratulations on this publish and hope to see your new work soon!!!

Francisco Martins disse...

Thanks a lot Florencia! um beso para ti desde Lisboa!

Laura Braga disse...

Hi Francisco,
great work as always, I love your photos!! :)
Congratulations for this publication!!
see U soon and good work!

Francisco Martins disse...

Thanks a Lot Laura! big kiss and talk soon!

whatever disse...

just read your comment, thank you, youre so kind to this silly girl...

sorry didnt reply you earlier.
blog-hacked problem :(

hope youre well,


jazzlamb disse...

WOWOWOWOWOW! THIS IS AMAZING I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU :D You fancy thing! haha. The work looks all kinds of wonderful! Lovely lovely! Hope there is MANY more features like this to come :D

Francisco Martins disse...

Hey Jasjyot, thank youuuuuuuuuu! :D hehe! you are very kind, thanks for visiting me ;)

Cheers from Lisbon

Francisco Martins disse...

Mita: Sorry, I missed your comment too! lol
How are you?

Amy C disse...

WOW how awesomely excellently cool.
Congrats F
A x

Francisco Martins disse...

Amy!! hi!!!! :) how are you? Thank you for visiting and for your always so cool comments!

Bella Sinclair disse...

Hey, Francisco! You're alive! You must be mega busy, lost in that crazy-wonderful world full of mythological fantasy of yours. Can't wait to see what you've got brewing. And yes, I pray that your Mac never goes kaput over there! Yeesh, that would be tragic.

Thanks for stopping by. It's always such a treat to see your smiling avatar!

Francisco Martins disse...

Hey Bella!!! Haha thanksssss for returning the visit! yes I've been super busy - here I am right now working late trying to finnish a spread for a magazine. Hopefully I'll have some new things to share with you guys really soon :)
Big Kiss, it's always awesome when you visit ;)

Brian Lue Sang disse...

Okay, so I really have NO excuse for being so late with commenting on this post, but I have been really busy lately.
Your work is awesome, and having these wicked pieces published is inspiration to all of us!

By the way, the comments you made on my blog won't come up when I try to publish them. Blogger says they don't exists anymore! Weird, huh? Well, thank you for them anyway, Francisco! I know I can count on you to give me a boost :)

Now hurry up and finish this new piece!!! ;)

Francisco Martins disse...

Bey B!
Hahaha! figures that something like that would happen ONLY with MY comments. When you read, and draw strange stories and characters all the time, it kinda gets attached to you... sort of like a curse... muahahahaha! Okay, I'm gunna turn into a demon now. :D

Thanks for the kind words Brian! See ya son

Ces disse...

Francisco! You make me so giddy with your visits and comments and I will take every Tsup you hurl from Lisbon towards here! TSUP! Back at you! I am frustrated with my drawing. It is not what I intended to do but feel compelled to finish it. Tsup!

Francisco Martins disse...

Hehe, Don't be Ces, it's looking great from what I can see in your photo!! I'm sure it's going to look amazing as always :)

Glen Batoca disse...

Fala Francisco ! Excelente como sempre ! Parabéns pela reportagem ,e muita justa pelos teus ótimos trabalhos!
Desculpe-me em demorar a lhe responder mas tenho trabalhado muito por aqui e estou meio afastado do blog tenho publicado mais no facebook,mas fico feliz com os teus comentários,valeu mesmo !
Um Grande abraço !

Francisco Martins disse...

Oi Glen, como tem passado o amigo?
Por aqui tudo bem, muito trabalho também, quase sem tempo para respirar, mas é bom sinal.

Eu também tenho estado bastante afastado da blogosfera... espero conseguir postar mais daqui para a frente... obrigado pela visita e pelo comentário!

Um abraço!

Dédalus disse...

Felicidades por tu trabajo, Francisco.

Saludos ibéricos.

Francisco Martins disse...

Juanan, muchas gracias por tu visita y comentario! un abrazo desde Lisboa!